Tage Andersen's books are of the highest quality with amazing photographs by Bent Rej, in an exclusive binding, to be displayed around the house for joy and inspiration.

Tage Andersen's books are a photographic and written depiction of an artist's work. In Tage Andersen II, the artist stages fantastical and fairy tale like tableaux in a variety of materials. In this sensuous pictorial work Tage Andersen displays exciting examples of his artistic ability in a detailed and inspiring way.
“Bouquets in a fruitful period” combines photographs and written account of the flower art of Tage Andersen, to create a unique book. Flowers are an amazing means of expression, with which one may speak the unspoken. The bouquets in this book speak their own language. They are created during a fruitful period with the joy of living and of the flowers themselves.
”Enthusiasm”. A magnificent book with photographs by Bent Rej. It depicts 11 of Tage Andersen's exhibits from the past decade. Format 28x36 cm, 300 pages, elegant edition. Trilingual – English, Danish, Swedish.

Tage Andersen
Price DKK 950

Tage Andersen II
Price DKK 950

Tage Andersen
Bouquets in a fruitful period
Price DKK 750

Tage Andersen
“From Advent to Twelfth Night”
Price DKK 650

Joy and Frenzy
– a book about Camellias
Price DKK 350

Tage Andersen
Price DKK 1600

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