Tage Andersen,
born March 29, 1947 in Heltborg, Thy, Denmark.

Trained as a pastry chef.

1967 the first boutique opens in the childhood town of Kjellerup, Jutland.
1972-76 flower boutique in Viborg.
1976-87 flower boutique on Kongens Nytorv in Copenhagen.

In 1987 the opening of the House of Tage Andersen at Ny Adelgade 12 in Copenhagen, which includes a studio, a boutique and exhibition rooms.

1985"Fleurs de Parade", Brandts Pakhus in Christianshavn. First solo exhibition
"Tage Andersen in Bakkehuset", Bakkehus Museum, Copenhagen
1986The 10 year anniversary exhibition "Strange Trees", Charlottenborg Palace, Copenhagen
Received the National Arts Foundation award
1987the opening of the House of Tage Andersen at Ny Adelgade 12 in Copenhagen, which includes a studio, a boutique and exhibition rooms
1988Christian IV exhibit at Rosenborg Castle, commemorating the 400 year anniversary of Christian IV's coronation
"The Orangery", Holland Park, London
1991Millesgården, Stockholm, Sweden
North Jutland Art Museum, Ålborg, Denmark
Bukowski, Copenhagen
1992"Return to Jutland", Blicher District Museum, Kjellerup, Denmark
"Tage Andersen" at Moisio Kartano in Elimäki and at the Museum of Art and Design, Helsinki, Finland
The 25 year anniversary exhibition "Fairytale and Madness", Copenhagen, Denmark
1993Exhibition in the park and orangery at Gisselfeld Castle, Denmark
1994"Camellias in bloom", Gisselfeld Castle, Denmark
Exhibition "Tage Andersen" at the Manège, Værket, Randers, Denmark
1996Exhibition "The third Camellia exhibition" with Hans Trautners private collection, The Royal Horticultural Society's Garden, Frederiksberg, Denmark
"Fantasia", Schloss Hünnefeld, Germany
1997"Light-Water-Essence", The Old Water Tower, Vänersborg, Sweden
1998Received the Scandinavian Horticultural Award
Solo exhibition "Fairy tales at Egeskov", Egeskov Castle, Fyn, Denmark
1999Camellia exhibition, Sofiero Palace, Helsingborg, Sweden
Tage Andersen at Garten Dom, Oberhausen, Germany
2000Tage Andersen "a tribute to Bakkehuset", Bakkehus Museum, Copenhagen
2001Camellia exhibition, Bergianska Trädgården, Stockholm, Sweden
Tage Andersen at Uppsala Botanical Garden
The Museum of Art and Design's Grønnegård, "Gartensitz and Decorative Urns"
2002"Dialogue", Statens Museum for Kunst, Copenhagen
Tage Andersen., Dialogue, Norrviken's Gardens, Båstad, Sweden
2003Tage Andersen “At Løndal”
2004Camellias and Poetic Installations, The Garden Society in Gothenburg, Sweden
2004-07Tage Andersen, Norrviken's Gardens, Båstad, Sweden
2006Hallwylska Museet, Stockholm
Tikanojas Art Museum, Vasa, Finland
Baroque, Nordjyllands Museum, Aalborg
2007Baroque II, Rosenborg Castle, Copenhagen
2008Still life – Camellias in bloom, S:t Petri, Copenhagen
2009A flirtation with Kirsten Kjær – Kunsten Museum of Modern Art, Aalborg
Joy and Frenzy, The Art and Design museum's ante court
Gunillaberg, Småland, Sweden
Is the author of the following books:
1991Tage Andersen
1998Tage Andersen II – Floral Art Interior - Exterior
2000Tage Andersen – From Advent to Twelfth Night
20022002 Tage Andersen – Bouquets in a fruitful period
20052005 Tage Andersen – Joy and Frenzy
2008Tage Andersen – Enthusiasm